Will you always be an anime fan?

Anime Girls NYC


Recently, my friends asked me if I will be watching anime when I’m older. I do wonder, will I continue to watch anime?

Hmmmm, Yes! I will not give up on anime. I will continue to watch and enjoy it. As an old lady I will watch the new seasons and movies. I believe I will watch it until I die. Haha

Not too long ago, I found out my grandmother watches anime. Her favorite series are Cowboy Beebop and Bleach. I was surprised when I found that out. So, if she can continue to watch anime then I will too.

I’ll probably gear more towards more adult content. I think the happy go lucky anime probably won’t be my taste when I am older. It is actually not my taste now.

I’ve been to many conventions and I’ve seen a lot of adults that are huge fans of anime…

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