Midnight Diner: Tokyo Series


Native Title: 深夜食堂 -Tokyo Stories-
Also Known As: Midnight Diner , Shinya Shokudo ~ Tokyo Stories

l7v2lc Image from MyDramaList

This is rated 8.4/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.4/10 via MDL.
This can be seen on Netflix, so if possible please do support it legally so we can have more Japanese dramas and movies available with English subtitles. But if you want to keep a copy, unfortunately I have no idea where to get it yet, I’ll update this once I find one.

This series is just very simple. As I always say simplicity, most of the time, is the key.

The series talks about the life of the customers who frequents the “Midnight Diner”. There are funny episodes and heart-warming episodes as well. I most especially loved episode 4. It made my heart swell.

I would not give more details about it but rest assured that watching this is…

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