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It’s completely their fault!! I’m absolutely blaming K-Dramas for my lack of reading… (it was also because of work but I don’t care) I need a scapegoat and they are it… Anyway, crazy blaming aside, I wanted to get a little bit of the bookish topic that usually drives my blog and share a few K-Drama recommendations for those who already love them, or are just slowly and curiously diving into them like me..

I’m sure you guys understand this need to share what you love with someone who can  relate to your crazy fangilrling.. (cough, cough the reason behind most book blogs.. or any other blog really.. cough, cough) And this is what it’s driving me right now..

Thanks to the recommendation of an online friend I started watching K-Dramas again, it had been a while since I had done it.. to be honest I’m surprised by how much…

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True Beauty Webtoon Review

Bri's Book Nook

True Beauty

Jugyeong is a college-aged girl who has created the “perfect look” for herself. Now people recognize her wherever she goes, and she has a famous Instagram account that is recognized even by Kpop stars! Secretly, she is just an average-looking girl who mastered the art of makeup at around 13 years old. No one knows when she was an unpopular girl, bullied by the “pretty” girls, and wishing that she was born pretty.

I love the fact that Jugyeong is secretly normal, and has “nerdy” hobbies. This is honestly the truth, a girl might look pretty on the outside but she that doesn’t mean she has to be an empty shell. So far in this comic, I am loving Jugyeong without her makeup because it allows her true personality to come out. She doesn’t have to be perfect, and she can enjoy what she wants.

One thing that I also…

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Top 5 Webtoon Comics

The County Current

By Haliegh Lewis

I will be doing the same thing like the Wattpad stories but with Webtoon! Webtoon is a really fun app, but instead of just words that you read, it is comics and manga. You get pictures, fun conversations, and there are SO MANY!!!! The comics on this list, I haven’t read all of them. I have read two out of the five of them, so cut me some slack. We are going to go by popularity of the app, so we get a sort-of unbiased opinion.

5. Lore Olympus

 This comic is about the Greek gods and goddess’ mainly, Persephone and Hades. With friends, gossip, parties, and a course of love, this modern day re-tell is a hit.

webtoon lore olypympusI have read what has been started, and this is a very very good comic. I think the concept has been overdone, but overall, it is super good…

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My Boo: A Webtoon to Cry About

The Book Raven

Something I adore reading are webtoons. For those of you who are new to them they are web comics created by independent artists to read completely for free. One of my absolute favorites that is actually completed is ‘My Boo’.

It’s fairly short in the scheme of how webtoons typically go. However if by the end you don’t find yourself in tears I’m sorry to say, but you might actually be a robot. I have nothing against robots they are pretty cool. I imagine most of them don’t have tear ducts. I’m sure even a robot would feel the affect of this webtoon.

The writing and the art together are GORGEOUS! It’s a beautiful webtoon. This is a story that made me think about love differently. To think about how I would feel if I only had the shortest amount of time with my loved one. Or how temporary life…

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We Should Ban Loli/Shota Hentai

My Brain Is Completely Empty

Hey it’s the subject which makes absolutely everyone horribly uncomfortable and disgusted. Did you miss it? I know I didn’t! But as disgusted as thinking about loli/shota porn makes me, I’ve had some thoughts that I feel like I should say. So here they are!

Regardless of your stance on the side of the debate can we at least meet at the common ground that more research needs to be done if we are to keep it. If you believe in your side the stats will prove you to be correct.

It’s easy enough to say that violent video games don’t cause violence therefore loli/shota hentai doesn’t cause the same feelings in real people. But the sexual feelings and emotions between something that you play for fun or jack off to are insanely different. Imagine the dreadful consequences on real people if that statement is not correct.

This debate is…

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Manga Review: ReLife


ReLife (Riraifu) (リライフ)
Original Story by
 Yayoi Sou
Art by Yayoi Sou
Published by NHN Japan (online) from 2013 to 2018
Genres: [Shoujo] Slice of Life, School, Comedy
Volumes: 9
Status of manga:
My rating for the anime: 8/10
My rating for the live action: 4.5/10

*Review based on entire manga series

MAL Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books a Million

Purchase links are not available because, as of when this review is published, this manga has yet to be officially serialized in English. However, you can still read this online with fan-subs.

4.5 Stars, Completed March 11, 2018
(Originally: Completed September 18, 2016 at ch. 144)

– SPOILER free –

If at some point in life, you made a mistake or kept failing over and over again, and you can’t help but think it’s useless and you’re a…

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Featured Manhwa: Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hey guys~! Back again with my anime/manhwa obsession post. Today features an action packed story with a little sprinkle of humor.

The plot is not that unique, now a days most of the manga/manhwa are based on either RPG or some plot twist where the protagonist is brought to another dimension or world of magic and/or fantasy. But, that’s not the plot in this story, it’s just a simple RPG game that is currently the craze in their world.

Our main character of course is Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He’s an arrogant little punk and the top player of the game. So far, it’s still not clear why he was targeted by someone and ended up with nothing but his wits and experiences.

That’s where the story really started, he’s now struggling to get what he has lost and is now accompanied by new friends he did not expect to find…

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