Midnight Diner: Tokyo Series


Native Title: 深夜食堂 -Tokyo Stories-
Also Known As: Midnight Diner , Shinya Shokudo ~ Tokyo Stories

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This is rated 8.4/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.4/10 via MDL.
This can be seen on Netflix, so if possible please do support it legally so we can have more Japanese dramas and movies available with English subtitles. But if you want to keep a copy, unfortunately I have no idea where to get it yet, I’ll update this once I find one.

This series is just very simple. As I always say simplicity, most of the time, is the key.

The series talks about the life of the customers who frequents the “Midnight Diner”. There are funny episodes and heart-warming episodes as well. I most especially loved episode 4. It made my heart swell.

I would not give more details about it but rest assured that watching this is…

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Youtube Rewind 2018: For the Corporate

Pop N' Crunch

This last week, Youtube Rewind 2018 dropped, receiving not just the most dislikes of any previous rewind, but also the most dislikes of any video on the site ever, getting over 4 million dislikes in 24 hours. Which is ironic, considering that this years rewind was supposed to be “what the people want”.

Youtubers, all over the place jumped on the opportunity to review it. H3H3 even went so far as to compare this year’s rewind to the rewind from 2013, showing how much Youtube has changed to be more about the business than about the creators. This comparison brought to light what Youtube was before the 2016 “Ad-pocalypse”, an event hallmarked by the rush of company ads and investments being removed from Youtube after Pewdiepie’s anti-semitic controversy, and after. It’s a stark difference.

Now, before I go into it, I’m going to put this forward: I’ve seen this year’s…

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Song Review: Twice – The Best Thing I Ever Did

The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion

Twice have had a truly prolific 2018. With The Best Thing I Ever Did (올해 제일 잘한 일) acting as a capper, they’ve released seven official singles and a few additional music videos. Throughout it all, I’ve been consistent in wishing the girls would tackle new sounds. I realize how hypocritical this might come across, as I’m often quite vocal about groups finding a “signature sound” and sticking with it. But in the case of Twice, I’m eager to hear new aspects of their style. We know they can nail a bubblegum pop song, but their b-sides prove that they’re capable of more variety.

With this in mind, The Best Thing I Ever Did is a potentially exciting prospect. It’s not quite a Christmas song (I’d call it “holiday-adjacent”), but its seasonal release gives the group a chance to lean into their r&b side for the first time on…

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The Value of Reading Anime News Sites

My Brain Is Completely Empty

I recently started reading anime news network and it’s good, really good actually. So I thought I’d explain why I like it so much and also try and convince you to maybe check it out if your interested!

All sources of facts and information will be from ANN.

You won’t care about most of it – and that’s ok

A lot of articles that are there you might not care about. Since it’s anime you might not have seen the anime or read the manga that they’re talking about. For example I don’t often care about the seasonal anime stuff, the video games or the articles about the new manga.

But even if it’s an anime or manga that you don’t know sometimes it just looks so good you want to watch it and put it down on your to watch list. That is still better than nothing.

However their’s…

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